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Start Ups

Make your dream a reality


Starting a business can be daunting. So many angles to consider, and where to start?

With 10 years of experience working with start-ups, you can be sure we know our way around. From research and development to strategic planning to marketing, we have all the tools necessary to help you develop your business goals.

We are a team of international professionals in different fields and from different generations who base our work on research and innovation to help new companies make it in today’s markets.

Whatever your needs, we can work with you to reach your goals, be it specific or just out-of-the-box start up development, you can count on us to do the job right.


Brand Identity

what’s your story?

“Why are we here?” Personal identity and Brand identity are essentially the same thing; they define you. A domino effect that influences businesses of any kind top-to-bottom, Branding is pivotal to your success.

Depending on the client’s specific case, we do our research as to the best options based on the resources available. There are many considerations when designing a branding solution, such as audience, environment, and opportunity, and we always work smart to bring the most to the table using up the least resources.


from THE drawing board straight to YOUR BUYERS

The world is changing from life-altering technological advances to small changes that affect our daily lives. These changes have influenced our life in so many ways, not only in a personal growth but also in a professional way. One of the activities that has been greatly influenced by the addition of the internet is marketing. What was once traditional marketing as physical publicity has transformed into digital marketing. The online world has completely dominated marketing. One of the areas that has been changed by the online world is Social Media. It has transformed the way industries promote and sell their products and services, and most of all has changed the way customer service function.


Another great tool that digital marketing offers us is the way we can analyze and measure data, to help us create strategies that will make us more competitive in the segment we are working in. Key performance indicators (KPI) are a great tool to quantify, get together and measure information that will help us set up our goals. Talking about analyzing information, one of the most important areas of marketing that also help us measure it is neuromarketing, which is the utilization of modern brain science to determine the impact of advertising and marketing on consumers. Some of the ways that neuromarketing has been used today are: Advertising effectiveness, Shopper decision making, Branding, Product design and innovation and Online Experiences.





Research + Development

FORWARD: the future and innovation

The world is changing fast. Fads come and go, and instant communication brings with it the power to change our collective consciousness at incredible speed.

Now more than ever we need to know the difference between what’s real and what’s fake, and because Information is power, the right kind of insight is the most valuable step in creating new products and services.

Our scientific background makes us creative in approaching the study of new avenues for your business, while preserving the veracity and relevance of our findings.

 Strategic Planning

business engineering at your FINGERTIPS

Let your processes flow seamlessly. Optimization can yield incredible gain in resources, which fuels new projects and ideas and translates into less cost and more benefit. Sounds good right? And it actually is. Planning and mapping out processes give you control and superior accuracy in predicting results.

The use of your resources is key in fueling your business. It’s the difference between breaking into the market or burning out, and to be able to use resources best there’s no way around a solid and well designed strategy.


Creative Projects 

out there” is where it’s at.

Innovation happens by chance, creativity and thinking out of the box are the building blocks of today’s most important technologies. As so, freedom of exploring different angles, especially if they are apparently unrelated to the problem are the first step for innovation.

Music, art, creative experiences of any kind. Concepts that have never been realized in the real world are the most exciting projects of all. We have the fluidity to make it all happen here at Brightbox.

The builders of dreams, if you will, and we absolutely love a challenge.

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